Recent Funding Approvals

The NZCAT considers applications at each meeting. It welcomes applications for funding that benefit companion animal organisations and projects within New Zealand.

Total grants to November 2014 include $185,683.77 in grants, $30,942.13 in scanners, $33,970.57 in microchips, and around $19,138 in pre-paid forms.

Recent approved applications include:

June 2015

  • Nelson Bays Horse Rescue Trust, Kawerau SPCA, RNZSPCA, SPCA Marlborough, Waiheke Island SPCA, Opotiki SPCA, Taupo SPCA, Auckland Council Animal Management, UNITEC.

March 2015

  • Hawkes Bay SPCA, SPCA Waikato, Hastings SPCA
November 2014
  • Greymouth SPCA, NZVA CAS, Gutter Kitties, Waiheke Island SPCA, RedZone Cats, NZ Cat Fancy Inc
August 2014
  • Cat Protection League Canterbury, Passion4Pawz, SPCA Gisborne, Otago University Students Association, Veterinary Emergency Response Team

May 2014

  • Cat Care Incorporated, Auckland SPCA, Gutter Kitties, Otago University Students Association, Veterinary Emergency Response Team

February 2014

  • David Cooper, Stratford Companion Animal Assistance Trust, Waikato SPCA, Lonely Miaow Association Inc., IVABS
November 2013
  • SPCA Kawerau, Victoria University School of Biology, Gutter Kitties, Wellington SPCA, Southern Cross Long-haired Cat Club, Red Zone Cats, Massey University

August 2013

  • Whangarei SPCA, Horowhenua SPCA, Waikato SPCA, KittyCat Fixers, Otago University Students Association, ARRC Wildlife Trust

May 2013

  • Opotiki SPCA, Taupo SPCA, Tauranga SPCA, NZVA/RNZSPCA, Cat Rescue Christchurch, RNZFB Guide Dog Services, Hastings & Districts SPCA, South Pacific Animal Welfare Trust, North Taranaki SPCA

February 2013

  • Forest Hill Vets, Cat Rescue Christchurch, NZVA, NZ Arapawa Goat Assn

November 2012

  • Waihi SPCA, Catriona Maclennan, First Strike

August 2012

  • Waikato SPCA, RNZSPCA, Wairarapa SPCA

Other Approved Applications

  • Kawerau SPCA, Tauranga SPCA, North Taranaki SPCA

The trust has also supported free registrations for the SPCA desexing caravan to a value of approximately $170,000. There was also a support for chipping and registration of pets following the Christchurch quake to a value of approximately $187,000.