Introduction to the NZCAT

The establishment of the New Zealand Companion Animal Trust (NZCAT) is an initiative of the New Zealand Companion Animal Council (NZCAC) to provide funding to worthy organisations and individuals who are directly involved in the welfare of animals in New Zealand. 

The NZCAC is very aware of the vast number of people who care to the needs of animals at all levels, and the difficulty they all experience in obtaining the necessary funding to assist them in their valuable work.  The Trust will consider all applications where the criteria for funding is met, in the hope that its tangible assistance will be of direct benefit to companion animals and the community throughout the country.

NZCAT Funding

The Trust is funded by the proceeds generated through the operation of the New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR) who operate New Zealand’s most comprehensive register of micro-chipped companion animals.

The Trustees, who are also the founding stakeholders of the animal register, were unanimous in their belief of the benefits of micro-chipping in successfully reuniting companion animals with their owners, and were desirous that any commercial success from this enterprise should be utilised to the benefit of all animals in need.

The Trust Fund is professionally managed by the NZ Guardian Trust.

Making an Application

Applications to the Trust are invited. You can find out more about making an application by reading the information on our Grants Information page. Applications can be made online or by printing out our form and sending it to the NZCAC Secretary.