Applying for NZCAT Grants

Funding applications for animal welfare causes may be made at any time either by an individual, or organisation, in New Zealand who are undertaking companion animal projects that will benefit both the animals and the community.

FUNDING WILL BE PROVIDED under the guidelines established in the Trust Deed, namely:

  • for purposes beneficial to the community in identifying, instigating or granting assistance for projects within the field of animal welfare and urban animal management; and
  • as an ancillary purpose, activities beneficial to the community in providing care and protection for animals and education within the field of companion animal welfare and urban animal management.

Although we consider de-sexing an important measure in reducing the surplus animal problem, the NZCAT does not fund de-sexing at this time given the immense overall cost of supporting all those who ask for it.


In the event of a successful application for a project the agreed funding will be provided in the name of the organisation making the application. In the case of individual grants these will be made directly to the individual. Receipts, or other verification, must be provided for all funds awarded and spent. Funds must be spent on the project that the funds were approved for. Failure to do so may affect this and any future funding applications.