National Cat Management Strategy Discussion Paper

News Release

National Cat Management Strategy Discussion Paper
Final Version Released Friday 29thSeptember 2017

The National Cat Management Strategy Group (NCMSG) is pleased to provide you with the finalised National Cat Management Strategy document. This has been the culmination of three years’ worth of work after embarking on this important journey in August 2014.

We are incredibly cognisant of the strong and disparate emotional responses that discussions around cat management evoke. However, the current status quo is not in the best interests of animal welfare, biodiversity and the community.

nz national cat management strategy discussion paperThe options were, and are, to do nothing, or, to take a brave step and collaboratively tackle this highly complex and emotionally charged issue and demonstrate collective leadership in the absence of positive progress in this area. The latter is what the NCMSG set out to do which has been a challenging journey. There is no easy silver bullet solution but what we have produced is an evidence-based critically analysed detailed discussion document around the options currently available to ensure the cats are responsibly owned and cared for and that any potential impacts are mitigated. It is important to note that all the NCMSG members firmly believe that all cats should be treated with respect and compassion and are entitled to a ‘life worth living’. This is balanced with an equally important viewpoint that our unique native biodiversity warrants protection also.

The five national and three government organisations involved in the NCMSG implore you to please read the document in entirety. It is important that this is done with an open, solutions focused mind, rather than with pre-conceived bias, and that full impartial consideration is given to the options presented.

The NCMSG looks forward to New Zealanders working together to improve cat welfare, responsible cat and mitigate cats’ negative impact on wildlife through well designed and managed cat management that are both humane and effective.