NZCAC Membership Information

Membership of the New Zealand Companion Animal Council (NZCAC) is open to all – the continuing work of the NZCAC is supported by its members and we invite you to become a member today by completing our membership application form.

Current members will automatically receive a membership renewal notice at the end of the membership year.

Member Benefits

The NZCAC is the leading society for organisations and individuals interested in furthering companion animal welfare and urban animal management within New Zealand.

The vision of the NZCAC is “a nation that values, respects and responsibly cares for companion animals”. To realise this vision the NZCAC is working to influence policy, codes of welfare and industry standards that advance responsible companion animal guardianship and best practice urban companion animal management.  The NZCAC strives to effect a harmonious relationship between companion animals, the environment and people through the delivery of high quality research, forums and education opportunities.

NZCAC members are often professionals such as veterinarians, veterinary nurses, animal care and rescue staff, animal welfare scientists and lawyers. The NZCAC also greatly values its individual members who may not have a direct professional interest but are concerned about companion animal well-being and want to help make a difference for companion animals by supporting our work.

We also welcome membership from groups or organisations. Organisational members are often university or polytechnic departments, companion animal or rescue charities, local government animal control departments, veterinary practices, pet stores or pet insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.

As a member of the NZCAC you will not only help advance companion animal welfare within New Zealand but you will also receive:

  • Regular updates and information on NZCAC and associated activities relating to companion animal welfare in our quarterly newsletter.
  • Notification of new NZCAC publications and upcoming NZCAC forums and conferences.
  • Discounted attendance at our biennial conference.
  • Opportunities to network, share ideas, local knowledge and learn about innovations and best practice principles for companion animal welfare at our forums and other events.
  • Opportunity to advocate collaboratively on behalf of companion animals.
  • Access to our resources, including the 5-yearly companion animal survey and summary codes of welfare.
  • Access to our members-only area of the website.

Becoming a Member

Our Current membership rates are:

  • Individual $25
  • Student/Senior/Beneficiary $15
  • Organisation $50

Applications for membership are put before the NZCAC Executive Board on a regular basis. Applicants require two proposers who support their membership application, one of whom must already be a member of the NZCAC. All applicants must read and adhere to the NZCAC Member Code of Conduct. Once membership has been approved, the applicant will be invoiced for their membership fee.

Code of Conduct

The NZCAC requires that applicants agree to abide by the Member Code of Conduct to become a member of the Society. This Code of Conduct describes standards of behaviour that are expected of members of the NZCAC.  In brief The Code of Conduct stipulates:

  • NZCAC members act in accordance with the vision and values of the Council and promote them wherever appropriate in their daily lives.
  • NZCAC members act in a fair, honest and proper way.
  • NZCAC members create and maintain good relationships with each other and with the public.
  • NZCAC members disclose any potential or actual conflict of interest.

You can access the full NZCAC Member Code of Conduct here.

Failure to comply with the NZCAC Member Code of Conduct may result in termination of membership of the NZCAC and the forfeiture of any membership fees previously paid.

Signing the NZCAC Membership application is your acceptance to abide by the NZCAC’s Member Code of Conduct and your statement of understanding that fi you do not, this may result in termination of your membership with no possibility of reinstatement.