Human Behaviour Change for Animals

The theme of the 2018 conference is 'human behaviour change for animals.'

Why? Because if we do not understand why humans do the things they do, and what drives them to change, we will never be effective at making the world a better place for animals.

Most animal welfare issues arise as a result of human behaviour - humans doing, or not doing, something. The way that we treat animals, the products we buy and the entertainment we seek all impact on animal welfare. To meaningfully improve animal welfare, we must change the behaviour of humans.

To change human behaviour we must understand the attitudes and beliefs that motivate human behaviour in relation to animals and provide solutions to develop more compassionate behaviour towards animals.

Most people working with or for animals are trying to change the behaviour of people towards animals. The first international conference on Human Behaviour Change for Animal Welfare (HBCAW) took place in the UK in September 2016.

The Companion Animal Conference 2018 will be the inaugural Australasian conference exploring the Human Behaviour Change for Animals theme and will be an opportunity for us all to learn more about the key principles of human behaviour change and how to apply them for the improvement of animal welfare across all species: companion, production, research, native, non-native, pest, stray and unwanted.

The conference is supported by Human Behaviour Change for Animals (HBCA). For more information about what we mean by human behaviour change, read Suzanne Roger’s (HBCA Founder) blog post.

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