Keynote Speakers

Dr Ngaio Beausoleil

Massey University
Ngaio is Associate Professor in Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare Science, and Co-director of the Massey University Animal Welfare Science and Bioethics Centre. Her research employs behavioural and physiological methods to investigate various aspects of animal welfare in both domestic and wild animal species. Major research themes include: systematic scientific evaluation of animal welfare; breathlessness in animals; humane methods of ‘euthanasia’; developmental processes, recognition, modulation and alleviation of pain in farm animals; humane vertebrate pest control; and welfare impacts associated with wildlife conservation activities.

Dr Peter Thornber

Commonwealth Veterinary Association
Peter has qualifications in agriculture, veterinary science and teaching from Queensland. He has extensive work experience in public policy and emergency management experience, working for 23 years for the Australian Government. He is an animal welfare specialist by examination and current President of the Welfare Chapter of the Australia New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. He was on the OIE Animal Welfare Working Group, which has developed international animal welfare standards for the past 6 years and is an international animal welfare consultant. Peter is current President of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association of 54 countries.

Dr Sara Dubois

Sara is the Chief Scientific Officer at BC SPCA, directing province-wide welfare science operations, education and advocacy projects. Her area of expertise is in wildlife welfare and human dimensions, but her role also aims to develop relationships with academia and advocate for animals used in science. She works on diverse issues from wildlife rehabilitation and oil spill response to captive wild animal management, exotic pets, urban wildlife conflict, compassionate conservation and she also assists in wildlife cruelty investigations. Sara, along with other passionate animal welfare colleagues, founded the national non-profit organization Animals in Science Policy Institute in 2015. As AiSPI Board President, she works to provide education on ethics and alternatives for animals used in teaching, testing and research in Canada.
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